Warranty Info

Warranty existence and length will depend on cost of vehicle, discounts applied and other mitigating factors which can be discussed upon purchase.

Exclusions apply including but not limited to any problems that occur consummate with Age, Mileage and Condition of Vehicle. Please ensure vehicle is to your satisfaction before purchase and that Age, Mileage, Condition, Purchase Price and the natural occurrence of wear and tear associated with these factors are taken into consideration upon your purchase. The customer is responsible for ensuring any purchased vehicle is taxed and insured before driving it off the forecourt. Customer also may agree to a discount towards any repairs and in which case cargo cars will not be liable for any repair bills (parts and labour) incurred at any point after the vehicle is purchased even if the repair bill exceeds the discount. Any work (cosmetic or otherwise including cam belt changes etc) carried out by the customer and unauthorised by Car Go Cars post purchase will invalidate any warranty as Car Go cannot guarantee the quality of work carried out and so Car Go Cars will not be liable for any problems whatsoever that occur during or after this work.

It is the buyers responsibility to return the car to Car go Cars and must do so for warranty validity. To reiterate, the car must be brought back to (by the customer and at their expense) and assessed by Car Go cars before any work is carried out. Work carried out at the customers behest without first confirming with Car Go Cars will immediately invalidate the warranty and Car Go will not be liable for any charges incurred. Car Go Cars reserves the right to choose to issue a refund and receive the car back rather than pay for any repairs. If a refund is provided, the customer will be liable for £25 for every day they owned the car in serviceable condition.